II: Crow and The Ring of Bardo

from by BhorelordE

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the edge begins to fade the lines bend away
collapse within a plea for self reasoning
a vision holy messengers
a prophecy of what must remain
crack the mend for you must endure
and lord knows I try
yet as my mind searched the skies I called out a name
I heard no reply
ephemeral the pulse moves mercuriously
eyes adjust divine depart left alone
a task beyond you beyond us all
I whisper the words of Quan Yin
Oh Mane Padme Hum (hold the wretched at bay)
the ego is pried and as all light dimmed inside they carved out the name and torment replied
what is this scope of madness surrounding invading all senses
swirling chaos delusional disintegrating my conscious torn apart as phantoms fete and provoke around me reliving every moment of pain
reliving the sorrows and tortures of abandonment I hear it coming
the end the last resort
spirit of three has forbade
to dwell below the shadow realm lest we be lost
no end to the horrors a treatise on trust
as I hold vigilance for her
carry on let go push and pull
lord knows I tried
but as the light of hope died I called out your name
and heard no reply
adrift on the wave of complete desperation
call the name of death from your dreams
cradle the moon of our hearts destination
cut the blade on saturn's rings
left to bear the shame of who we truly are
when trumpets blare and angels sing a song for denouement of love
a soul given in to this body so cold
we all dance in blasphemy
to glimpse the truth at the moment we end and deny divinity
for what have we done to be worthy of such right
though the hand of god may beckon us all
my eyes turn away from the light
become the ether air smoke and mist
the rains will soon come down
nourishing seed form beast become man
the fool is cast once more
a chance for a closer return a chance to prove your worth
lessons learned through false surrender
gift of free will blinded us all
can't you see how perfectly your pride has stained the crown
defined by our desires false ideals leading the way
can't you see how perfectly your pride has stained the crown
I can't change all that I have done or back step on what I've become
now on time dollar in hand I repent I'm trying again
not here seeking your forgiveness
another time I'll find my own way
a chance at a closer return a chance to prove my worth
there's a better way


from Unmanifest Trancendant, released December 15, 2014



all rights reserved


BhorelordE San Diego, California

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